Topo Designs Shelter Tee

Remember when we did these? Good weren’t they? Want one? You can’t have one. They’re all gone. Lol @ you.

Anyway, Topo Designs remain a firm favourite in the corridors of ProperMag power. I use one of their bags every day. On my rounds scouting the internet for nice stuff ready for springtime I thought I’d see what our Colorado cousins have got in store for summer. Naturally, I wasn’t disappointed.

This Shelter tee hits buttons, flips switches and generally looks cool enough to warrant wardrobe space. Printed tees are always a tough one to judge. Either they need to be really mental or really smart, like these.

So if you’re cursing your luck at missing out on our Hikerdelic tees, these are a perfect alternative.

They do some very nice bags too. 

topo_designs_shelter_tee_dome topo_designs_shelter_tee_aframe topo_designs_shelter_tee_dome_detail topo_designs_shelter_tee_detail



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