Trainerspotter Autumn/Winter 2013

Is it that time again? We’re putting the finishing touches to issue 13 which means we’ve been focusing big time on t-shirts and shorts and yet our inbox is piling up with previews of autumn clobber. We’ve not even had summer yet. I feel a bit like Peter Kay here so I’ll shut up.

Trainerspotter has been around for ages. Remember those bobble hats about eight or ten years ago or something? Always affordable and playful. We thought we’d all grown up and left palm tree motifs behind. But now Trainerspotter has seemingly swallowed up what remained of Heritage Research it’s time to take a second look.

Anyway, Autumn/Winter 2013 celebrates Trainerspotter’s 10th Anniversary so to mark this auspicious occasion they’ve hooked up with two stateside mainstays.  Firstly, a capsule collection with cult Colorado based climbing aficionado’s Topo Designs, a brand us Properers are more than familiar with. We featured them in our AW12 issue (#12) as they perhaps best represented the Hikerdelia vibe we were reaching for.

In addition to Topo, there’s a premium jersey selection with the original US sportswear brand Russell Athletic. Russ Gater of Trainerspotter is a massive geek (in a good way, obv) for Americana in all its sartorial forms. This is evidenced by his Vietnam military gear obsession in Proper #12 and his Hawaiian shirt collection being unveiled in issue 13.  So a mash-up with Russell Athletic will please him greatly. Their heritage dates back 111 years.

According to Russ the AW13 line “draws heavily on the idea of things vibrantly coming back to life” which may or may not be a reference to Heritage Research being locked away in a drawer for now. There are playful textures and patterns including polka dots and animal stripes plus shirts with Central American vibes. Pop Art influences are also evident with Fine Art prints and elements of classic American cartoon characters poured into a vintage coke can and shaken up until they explode in the form of dead nice clothes.

Perhaps the most pleasing thing about all this is most of the outerwear comes in under £150. Even their top Topo collab won’t be too much more than that so it’s all well worth a butchers in these times of austerity and negative bank balances.

We’ll be back with more info on all this nearer the time anyway. For now, here’s a little preview.

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