Travel the K-WAY

Tell you what, I could do with a break. Somewhere warm and foreign where the threat of getting killed to death is minimal. I don’t ask for much do I? Thing is, my bank account has a balance of £0.35 right now and even EasyJet and their like won’t take me away from all this for that kind of money. Instead, I’ll have to turn up the central heating, blag 6 minutes on the electric beach down the road, put a frozen paella in the microwave and grab myself a new travel bag. These from K-WAY are smart. It’s hard to break the mould when your brand is so synonymous with a particular item, as K-WAY is with their classic cagoules. But these bags are just the ticket.

Ah tickets… boarding passes…

*searches internet holiday sites, tearfully*

kway kway2 kway3 kway4 kway5 kway6

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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