Tropicfeel – For the Modern Day Traveller

With the world and his wife now embracing a slightly more energetic lifestyle, brands have benefited all over the place.

This isn’t just a post-pandemic boom, either. Back in 2017 Tropicfeel started its own journey, feeling the modern wardrobe wasn’t suitable for those constantly on the move, and anything that did get close to the mark was out of the budget of most people.

In 2017 their Kickstarter brought into existence the most funded shoe ever and from there, the building blocks have been placed, piece by piece to where Tropicfeel is today.

They take the environment especially seriously and are on their way to becoming carbon neutral, all while making gear for every adventure.

If you’re not aware of their work perhaps it’s time you gave them the once over? This is serious outdoor clothing without any pretence that it can be worn in a fashionable setting too. Some of it looks good of course, but they take their stuff seriously without charging the earth for it.

Have a look, it might be up your street.

Mark Smith

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