TSPTR at Oi Polloi

Walking back from lunch earlier, I commented on the lighting around Manchester’s urban sprawl.

“Yes” replied Neil “It’s like Los Angeles or something” he continued, with no hint of irony. It was though, to be fair.

You had to be there.

You had to be there.

A sprinkling of sunshine isn’t the only California style addition to Manchester this week though, as Oi Polloi have taken delivery of some new garms from TSPTR. Though British based, TSPTR wear their influences on their sleeve, literally. Snoopy, Surf and Sunshine for Spring/Summer. Manchester may be better known for Tony Wilson but it’s his namesake Dennis who comes to mind here.

You should have a look here, then get a skateboard to carry around. Maybe grow your hair and bleach it too.

TSPTR-070316-01-02_e3088d70-4e3b-44ef-9574-36f50fcdb420 TSPTR-070316-02-02_4a300dcd-1792-4497-be2c-c4374b573c94 TSPTR-070316-03-02_3e513612-4102-4876-aaea-62b3c2b8d369 TSPTR-070316-04-02 TSPTR-090316-01-02 TSPTR-090316-02-02 TSPTR-090316-03-02 TSPTR-090316-04-02

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. Richard kellett

    Love what there doing however the sizing is wafty unless your 21 and your mother smoked through pregnancy and your a serial anorexic weightwatcher

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