I was in a posh coffee shop the other day, an admission which in itself would ordinarily induce a modicum of self-loathing. I used to drink in rough pubs all the time and now I’m drinking decafs with dickheads. And eating BLTs, BTW.

What made it worse was the conversation I had no choice but to earwig.

It involved two ladies who lunch chattering on and on (and on) about everyone else in their lives, mostly slagging them off. At one point, rather than actually laugh or even chuckle, one of these WAGs actually uttered the word LOL. Her mate said something amusing and rather than laughing like any normal human being, she actually said “LOL”. Without even smiling. It was at this point I stood up, shouting “FFS! BRB!” then went AWOL.

But anyway on the subject of acronyms, TSPTR SS15 is FTW at TGD, IMVVVHO.

From the people who used to bring you Heritage Research, a double dose of Americana comes in the shape of Snoopy meets Saigon, with a suggestion of sports. While it has widespread appeal, it speaks to me. More, even, than my 7-months pregnant Mrs does at the moment. Which is a lot. What it doesn’t do is ask me when I’m going to finish assembling a cot, which is yet another reason to like it.

The good thing about photographs is they help you decide whether you like something. A lot more than several paragraphs written by self-indulgent bloggers at 3am. So with that in mind, rather than jumping into the etymology of Charles M Schultz or debating how American foreign policy was shaped by Vietnam (or not) I’m just gonna put that cot together then maybe just keep out of trouble and go to bed.

Then tomorrow I’ll go back to that coffee shop and try and be a bit less misanthropic.

Click here to see (and buy) some of this stuff.

They’ve also got a truly excellent sale on at the minute too. 


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