TSPTR x Hobo and Sailor

Some collaborations bring two brands together from different worlds, others combine alternate aesthetics to create something new. Others just seem to appreciate one another and like the idea of working together; that certainly seems to be the case with TSPTR and Hobo and Sailor.

A shared appreciation for the various imagery surrounding counter-culture and vintage U.S sportswear is what marries these two brands. TSPTR of course is helmed by Russ Gater, founded of Heritage Research and regular contributor to Proper. Despite its clear Western influences, Hobo and Sailor are based in Russia, which makes this a better meeting of East vs West than Balboa vs Drago.

Thankfully, the outcome is devoid of schmaltz. It’s just good honest sporty gear, made well, priced well and looking well. What’s not to like?

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Mark Smith

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