Tuk Tuk Bucket Hats At Steeple Pine

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This bucket hat thing isn’t going away. Make your peace with that and get onto these absolute belters from Tuk Tuk…

With a British summertime that shows no sign of waining, and despite the UK’s hippest number-crunchers at Vice heralding it ‘the rap fedora’, 2014 has been a renaissance year for the bucket hat. From the usual suspects trying to sell you carrier bags of glue at music festivals, to Rihanna and that really smart-looking kid off the HSBC advert*, the humble head-covering has reclaimed its place as the choice of connoisseurs. (Small c. Not them off the internet. They wear them too though)

This understated effort from Tuk Tuk – who you may now from previous jazzy shirts and record box outings – is available in both khaki and navy, and is lined with a really, really vibrant madras check. You can show people that bit when you meet them, and impress them with the fact that you know what ‘madras check’ means. It’s got a really subtle ‘t’ motif on the outside too.


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to channel your inner Hunter S Thompson, LL Cool J or that bloke who is sometimes in the pub and more-often-than-not will remind you that he knows your family. Both colours are available now from those lovely blokes at Steeple Pine, along with a load of other mega Tuk Tuk product.


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