TukTuk Competition: winner announced + 20% discount offer


Aidan’s surreeal entry of  ‘Wearing them on Rainbow Avenue, just south of Lollipop Lane’ has won him a pair of chinos, if you had your heart set on a pair we’re offering everyone the chance to get a serious 20% discount on a pair available until the end of the week….

OK as spring is officially here, there’s never been a better time to hang your festering denims up and get a nice bit of colour on your legs. No we’re not talking about six minutes on the electric beach, we’re talking about winning a pair of TukTuk’s ace new chinos that come in some lovely and lively Sri-Lankan inspired hues such as mustard, powder blue, dusty red and a more sombre stone for those of you that haven’t got the bottle/arse for exotic coloured kecks.

To be in with the chance of winning a pair, simply comment below telling us your waist size, preferred colour and where your ideal location for strolling around in a pair of Tuk-Tuk chinos is…


  1. Powder blue, 33

    I would wear them on New Year’s Eve strolling around Sydney Harbour, watching the fireworks.

  2. requested on behalf of my other half who would prob wear them most weekends!

  3. Michael Andrews

    32, powder blue

    I’d be taking off my top, rolling up my hems and strolling through the surf on sandy Saundersfoot beach with a Welsh raven haired beauty on my arm

  4. Henry Ditchfield

    34, stone, a cocktail bar in Hawaii, Club Tropicana stylee! 🙂

  5. Aidan Belizaire

    36″, Stone, On rainbow avenue, just south of lollipop lane. Ohh!! Wizzle Froop!

  6. 32, grey, the lovely yet dangerous streets of Berlin!

  7. 32″ stone

    poncing round the south coast sun spots

  8. i’d go for yellow in a 32.

    can’t to to get some time off and just go walking in the countryside or at the lakes actually. nothing too flashy

  9. Dan Abrahams

    32 Stone colour.
    Nice, then Genoa, outshining the locals in these mint round the houses

  10. 34W Stone.

    Putting the other dads to shame by looking the business on the school run…

  11. 32
    Powder Blue
    South London, where no one would bat an eyelid

  12. w 32 – Stone

    Impressing poor folk in Lidl & Aldi up and down the company, hopefully earning me a date with a special lady who still has that sparkle in her eye, and which isn’t cataracts.

    Old people need love too.

  13. 34 Blue

    Walking round Eccles trying to avoid get twatted for not wearing trackies

  14. Nicolai Christensen

    W – 30

    Powder Blue

    Saunter around in the city streets of Copenhagen

  15. Sebastian Stormr

    Waist 36

    Colour Stone

    Stockholm and Rome drinking a lot of beer in the sun

  16. 30 W

    Realistically I’ll probably just knock about town in them but if I had to wear them in an ‘ideal location’. Id love to have a nice stroll around a vintage clothes market in Milan.

  17. 34 stone please.

    Strolling round the Barrio del Carmen in Valencia, or Morrison’s in Cheadle Heath. Places more alike than many think.

  18. Strolling the foothills of the howgills in the lake district on a beatiful day, such as today.


    W 36 (gulp)

    Mustard, and why not?

    Great for a stroll around the Celtic Manor 2010 course, then a few sneaky beers in the bar aferwards with Catherine Jenkins in tow…ahh the suns getting me

  20. Tom Parry

    32 Stone

    Porto Vecchio, Corsica – walking along cafe-lined streets filled with old Italian men with young Italian wives

  21. Hi these look great and just right in red for my ongoing mid-life crisis. I’d stroll around work in the red ones just to rattle everyone in their navy blue suits and sensible shoes. So is red and 32 waist.

  22. w34
    Location- My favourite brass house sipping on my crizzaakkk

  23. Waist – 32
    Colour – Powder Blue

    Location – riding around Bangkok in a, ahem, tuk tuk looking for jarg £2 clobber knock offs and ladygirls.

  24. W32

    Colour: Stone

    Swanning about at a Cannes film festival after party. That’d be nice.

  25. Alex Bentley

    Waist – 34
    Colour – Stone

    I’d wear them to a drum and bass night to annoy the baggy jeans!

  26. 32
    powder blue
    Location-Marina Del Rey, in sunny California…but its raining today… Just ordered my issue today, does that put me on top of the running 😉

  27. Waist – 36
    Colour – stone
    Location – a saunter around the harbour in Copenhagen

  28. W – 34

    Colour – Stone

    Destination – Sipping on a bottle of Estrella and smoking a cigar on the beach in Barcelona. Or Oxford Road, Manchester dodging the students on the way to a good watering hole.

  29. W32, STONE


  30. W36 , stone

    somewhere in Bristol on the sunny day afternoon…

  31. Colour: Mustard

    Waist: 32

    Destination: Strolling down the Riviera to board my luxury liner, dothing my cap to fellow nautical types whilst swiggin a double canadian club and dry ginger. Although more likely to be Wood Green shopping city waiting for our lass to finish in Primark whilst supping on a Mars milk.

  32. Waist – 32
    Colour – stone

    a night oit in berlin, x-berg

  33. Waist -32

    Colour – Stone

    Mainz, the exotic European city where i am living. with a bottle of wine at the riverside.

  34. Waist 36
    Powder blue
    Perfect for chilling on the trolley around netto.

  35. Tom Okker

    Waist – 32
    Colour – stone

    Location – a bidet strollette around Madrid, sampling the delights of the tapas bars by the Bernabeu.

  36. W – 30
    Colour – Blue
    Location – Hopefully some exotic European city this summer

  37. Chris white

    I would love a pair of beige ones in a 32″ waist please sir,

    I Wold wear them for a stroll down shoreditch high street on a sunny thursday afternoon. A little shopping, a few sherbets and maybe a ruby in the evening.

  38. Waist – think “Big Momma’s House”

    Colour – powder blue, naturally

    Ideal strolling location – Either walking around Etherow Country Park, smoking a ‘stoagie’ and looking for toads to stamp on, or staggering around Seoul on a Friday night hissing at people like a swan on whizz.

  39. Waist -32

    Colour – Stone

    Location – Rozafas Taverna in Stockport with the Mrs pretending we’re in Greece drinking Retsina and eating Hummous!

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