TukTuk Competition: winner announced + 20% discount offer


Aidan’s surreeal entry of  ‘Wearing them on Rainbow Avenue, just south of Lollipop Lane’ has won him a pair of chinos, if you had your heart set on a pair we’re offering everyone the chance to get a serious 20% discount on a pair available until the end of the week….

OK as spring is officially here, there’s never been a better time to hang your festering denims up and get a nice bit of colour on your legs. No we’re not talking about six minutes on the electric beach, we’re talking about winning a pair of TukTuk’s ace new chinos that come in some lovely and lively Sri-Lankan inspired hues such as mustard, powder blue, dusty red and a more sombre stone for those of you that haven’t got the bottle/arse for exotic coloured kecks.



To be in with the chance of winning a pair, simply comment below telling us your waist size, preferred colour and where your ideal location for strolling around in a pair of Tuk-Tuk chinos is…


  1. Jevon
  2. heather
  3. heather
  4. Michael Andrews
  5. Henry Ditchfield
  6. Aidan Belizaire
  7. Manfredi
  8. erik66
  9. mat
  10. Dan Abrahams
  11. Jamie
  12. Liam
  13. David
  14. Chris
  15. Chris
  16. Nicolai Christensen
  17. Sebastian Stormr
  18. Ben
  19. Neil
  20. JohnP
  21. Patrick
  23. Tom Parry
  24. G
  25. miley
  26. Dominic
  27. Laurence
  28. Alex Bentley
  29. Mark
  30. Carl
  31. PHIL
  32. Roland
  33. Adam F
  34. wagner
  35. magonza
  36. felix
  37. Palm
  38. Tom Okker
  39. martibs
  40. Chris white
  41. Beej
  42. raws

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