tuktuk online bespoke shirt service


Ever sit around thinking how unfair it is that you don’t own a tailor-made shirt and how wonderful it would be to have one made to your exact specifications? Well be careful what you wish for because I’ve just spent several hours trying to decide what kind of fabric/sleeve/collar/hem/pocket/buttons to have on my bespoke tuktuk shirt. yes you heard me right, those clever British chaps renowned for making their classy and colourful creations out in Sri Lanka have come up with a fantastic idea. Basically you get to choose the exact style of shirt you want from an exhaustive (yet easy to use) list of choices and then whip out your tape measure and input the dimensions of your favourite/best fitting shirt and tuktuk’s in-house tailors will do the rest. Meaning you’ll have the perfect shirt on your doorstep within a fortnight, pre-washed with an exclusive leather tab that pretty much nobody else on earth will own. The cost of one of these shirts is a mere £89 though if you order before the tenth of June you’ll bag a bespoke beauty for £79, in your face Savile row! Available HERE

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