two ten prints brings the outdoors indoors

A mesmerising marriage between minimal design and the great outdoors is what inspires two ten prints. Given we’re now hurtling towards a prolonged spell spent indoors, we thought we’d draw your attention to them, though tbf you should already be aware of them.

This stuff isn’t just inspired by the natural world out there, it’s also built using a product of it, with their 3D prints made from plant-based, biodegradable cornstarch. Whether you want to use these to simply adorn the mantlepiece in the dull flat your landlord won’t let you decorate, or you fancy utilising them to house that slowly growing succulent you’ve been giving love to, they’re a nice item with which to surround you indoors this winter.

Mushroom shapes, brutalism and a mountainous rocky shape are all available, no doubt with plenty more cool ideas on the way.

We’ve just taken delivery of one of these in the office (along with complimentary keyring) and it has really put a spring in our step. That’s what you need in Autumn isn’t it?

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