Twothirds Encarte Jacket

There are plenty of puns to go at here. I mean, I could talk about how Christmas is a chore, but so is this coat. A chore coat you see? No?

Ok then how about the fact Twothirds is based in San Sebastian, a place where you could buy your other half some kinky underwear (because it’s Basque country you see?).

Maybe it’s best I stick to talking about jackets.

This Twothirds Encarte Jacket ┬áis made from 100% organic cotton (which cares for the environment) and is a decent modern take on workwear. Ideal for the winter, you could layer up or just wear this over a nice knit. Perhaps with a scarf and a bobble hat worn at a jaunty angle? It’s up to you.

Available from… in fact, we’ve done nuff pluggingtons on here of late, google it, Daddio.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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