ULLAC Unisex Painter Jacket

I’ve been listening to Baxter Dury’s last album Prince of Tears this afternoon and it’s dreamy folk pop sensibilities have got me all ‘man I really need to start wearing more painter jackets’. I love how music can do that to you, hearing the right tune at the right time in the right situation can send you off on one even better than a spliff, a pill or a line. So my advice is to forget all about drugs and get high on music and 12 1/4oz ecru twill / denim jackets instead. Baxter’s new tunes are waiting for you over on spotify (make sure you check out the Dennis Bovell dub of Miami too btw) and in terms of an ideal piece of attire to complete the look then you need to get some Ullac in your life. Who might sound like the name of Baxter’s support band but they’re actually an exciting new denim brand who are doing things on their own terms and for all the right reasons. Just like all the interesting gear emerging at the moment their products happen to be gender neutral too, which when you think about it applies to all the best workwear doesn’t it?

Get yourself a Painter jacket fit for a Prince (or Princess) of tears from Ullac here.


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