Uniform Bridge connects with Oi Polloi

That’s as poor a bridge pun you’ll find and for that, I can only apologise. The point is – of course – the Korean brand Uniform Bridge have just delivered some stock into Manchester’s Oi Polloi and we like it so much we wanted to share it with you.

Right on cue for the mercury getting something of a semi-on, the shorts and tees in this range will allow you to raise your feet onto some sort of stool, slick back your hair and think of the time you were a Vietnam Vet. That is, you were on holiday and you gave a tired stray dog some water.

Anyway, the clothes. Everything looks like it’s straight out of one of those magazines you can’t read the writing of but it’s still really good. Free and Easy, Lightning, Go Out etc. It’s all great gear and it’ll make you look like a climbing instructor who knows how to strange a spider to death but doesn’t because he thinks it’s a bit tight on spiders.

If that’s a look you crave then you’ve found what you’re after. I suggest instead of reading any more of my Johnny Vegas-style words, you head to Oi Polloi by clicking this link.

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