Uniform Bridge lands at Oi Polloi

Trust Oi Polloi…

News of their supposed demise breaks to a wider audience and there they are, just doing their thing in their way, aloof and unarsed. BTW, let’s set this straight. The JD Group is no more JD Sports than Manchester is Greater Manchester. They’re two different things that just sound the same. The JD Group own loads of things, most of which you probably didn’t realise they owned. So social media wallies chatting on about how Oi Polloi will start stocking the same stuff as your local JD Sports are way off the mark. Given the same group own Hip and Wellgosh and have done a pretty sterling job of retaining an independent spirit, I’d say there’s very little to fear for OP loyalists. In fact, it’ll probably get better. The fact the founders remain involved also tells you all you need to know.

Now I’ve got that off my chest, let’s get back to slapping them on the back for doing what they’ve always done best. COATS. Uniform Bridge is one of those brands that doesn’t rely on overt branding and instead focuses on the details, and the devil therein.

Smocks and hooded jackets aplenty, their latest range is well-priced and can be yours if you head to Oi Polloi now.

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