Uniformes Generale SS16 Indigo

The difficult third album for the merry band behind Uniformes Generale looks like it wasn’t difficult at all. Now that we’ve finally got a smattering of sunshine, it’s ok to pull the trigger, pack a bag and head for the beach. It’s not mad warm yet, but it never is unless you’re at Rhyl Sun Centre. Is that still going? Did it close or have I imagined it?

Anyway, ideal for jaunts to down-at-the-heel towns in North Wales or the opposite end of the scale in some edgy Tokyo suburb, this curated (sorry, I can’t think of a better word) collection is based around Indigo, which is a word I use when my kids jump in the pool on holiday. In de go. In they go. Sorry, my joke mechanism needs oiling.

Anyway, I’m obviously in one of those weird moods, it’s Friday, I’m looking at clothes again and I’ve already done a litre of diet coke. I’m mad, me.

I’d best let the pics do the rest of my talking. See more of the Uniformes Generale SS16 collection here.  Keep an eye out on the site next week for more meandering musings on the rest of their seasonal offerings.

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