Universal Works Bike Jacket

Typically, the gritters are back out and we’re all shivering our tits off. Just as we all started tentatively thinking about putting the big jackets back in the wardrobe too. Well, I did anyway.

But it won’t be long before we’re planning Easter jaunts to the coast. It won’t be long before eating ice cream will be bearable without getting brain freeze. It won’t be long before we’re thinking “Am I too old to get back on a bicycle?”

For that eventuality then you can’t look much further than the likes of Rapha, but if you’re not a serious cyclist and your budget demands something you could wear at a festival or just while playing hopscotch with a loved one, this fits the bill like a policeman’s hat. The bill. Fits the bill. The old bill. Geddit?

Sorry, just look at the pictures and decide if you like it yourself. I do though. It’s within my price bracket too.

Get it here.

bikeorg-front bikenav-front

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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