Universal Works Paisley Chambray Fisherman Hat

The troublesome weather might not quite be done with just yet, but there’s definitely a spring in our step. No, we’re not Inspector Gadget shoes, more buoyed by the fact that as I sit writing this, the sun is blasting through the window. It’s highlighting a previously unseen volume of dust which makes me realise some spring cleaning should defo be on the cards this week.

Anyway, enough boring seasonal commentary, get a load of this hat from Universal Works. It’s pure Reni fodder yet with a Paisley pattern. Ideal for keeping the chill at bay without making you sweat, especially if you’re dusting or pushing a hoover around. It’s a bit jazzy. It’s like something Captain Birdseye would wear to a rave reunion. That makes it cooler than any other hat you own and for this reason, you must buy it immediately. 

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. I really like the red version, they have it at oipolloi. Think its my next purchase. They’ve done some nice t’s to match it too, which I saw in NumberSix this morning for £60

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