Universal Works Paisley T-Shirt

Stop laughing you!

Yeah, we ARE talking about a t-shirt and no we DON’T care about the snow falling as we type it. We’re not those uber-melvs you see at train stations wearing shorts in winter though.

No, we just think to stay ahead of the curve (people really say this) you’ve got to think ahead. And as such, we’re jumping all over Universal Works, getting our dibs in on their nice new Spring/Summer shizzle.

Paisley has crept back ‘in’ hasn’t it? The fickle finger of fashion says so. Who cares about that most variable of digits though, when something suave like this comes along. It might feel a bit daring, especially for those of us who enjoy pies but then we’ve all carried on with those health kicks we started 3 weeks ago haven’t we? HAVEN’T WE? *mops ketchup from side of mouth*

We thought this would be a nice item to bring your attention to as we start thinking about when the sun decides to don his hat. It might seem miles off but in 12 weeks time people will be wearing shorts and unlike now we won’t be batting an eyelid.

Think on. Lads.

Available here.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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