Universal Works Resort Jacket

The word quilt can be taken to mean several things. If you’re familiar with the Merseyside version, you’ll know it’s not the most complimentary word in those parts. But how can something so nice and warm ever be negative?

The answer of course is it can’t.

This Universal Works Resort Jacket has that sportswear thing about it. It looks ideal for ironically playing Duck Hunt on your Nintendo this Christmas. Harping back to simpler, pre-internet times. Let’s face it though, life before the internet might have been kind of ok, but would we swap it? Would we bloody heckers like.

Without the internet you wouldn’t be able to read this gibberish, nor would you be aware of the fact you can get this jacket in either colour by simply clicking the links below. Be quick though, these could be popular and as such, you might want to make sure you get he last Resort.

Sorry, poor gag.

Navy Blue



Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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