Universal Works Workshop Denim

There are people out there who would say “I’ve got some new jeans” and there are others who would favour the phrase “I’ve got me some new denims”. It’s like the trainers vs sneakers debate really.

Though ‘debate’ is stretching it a bit. I’m not about to launch into one of those tedious “Are they a roll, cob, barm, breadcake” forum diatribes, so you’re safe to carry on reading.

This is all relevant though, because Universal Works are kind of into the same unfussy ‘jeans’ approach. While their standards are characteristically high, they’re not getting bogged down in hype, fades, rivets and other words that sound like they’ve been invented (but haven’t).

The Universal Works Workshop Denim project aimed to be the antithesis of the US/Japan centric scene, instead sourcing vintage fabric in Portugal and making their jeans in the centre of England. They’re deliberately unbranded, they’re unfussy on purpose, and they’re available from Peggs and Son, Oi Polloi and of course Universal Works themselves from this coming Saturday onwards.

They’ve also done this amusing little video to show the magic that goes into making a pair of their jeans.

bakers + trucker

bakers chore

coin pocket detail

full length

ghost patch inside

regular back

regular front

slim front

trucker cuff detail

slim back



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