Urbanears Pairs with NTS on Zinken Headphones

Eagled-eyed (or eagle-eared?) visitors to this website will remember us mentioning Urbanears previously. Well, now they’ve piqued our interest again. The Zinken is a headphone design they’re particularly proud of, it’s tailored specifically for the dynamic disc jockeys of the world and first debuted back in 2012. Now it’s back with a new composition and tweaks of improvement throughout.

Since its first launch in 2012, Zinken has built up quite the following in the DJ community, among them legendary German DJ and Producer Sven Väth.

“Zinken have been my go to headphones for years, they’re sturdy, straightforward and have a sleek, minimalist design. What sets them apart is how snug the ear cups fit to block out external noise giving me great balanced sound, perfect for mixing. They are not just a tool, but an indispensable companion in my DJ journey.” says Sven Väth, German DJ and Producer.

As this new product launches, Urbanears has partnered global music platform NTS.

Featuring Marcel Dettmann (world-renowned resident DJ at the Berghain nightclub in Berlin), Moxie (dance music powerhouse and one of London’s most in-demand DJ’s and radio hosts) and Fauzia (longtime NTS resident producer, vocalist and DJ), the campaign provides a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of each DJ, documenting their inspirations, creative process, and how their Urbanears Zinken headphones act not only as a tool for music creation but as an element of self expression.

We’re psyched to partner with Urbanears on a story about such an iconic headphone. Zinken has been used by an amazing list of well-known DJs past and present, and we really wanted to highlight this to our global community of music fans.” Says Sean McAuliffe, CEO NTS.

Urbanears Zinken launches 29th November, available globally on

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