Ventile in Style with Gold by Toyo Enterprise

Clutch Cafe are your go-to guys for all things military and workwear with a vintage inspiration. A range of brands not routinely available elsewhere in the UK are on offer in what must be small quantities. If you’re interested in well-made gear, built to last that not every man on the street will have, it’s a bit of a necessary destination.

One such brand is called Gold by Toyo Enterprise. The Japanese label brings a collection of vintage inspired garments manufactured by decades of precision, technique and experience gained by Toyo Enterprise in Japan.

Their Italian Military Parka is a great representation of the brand. Cut from a lightweight and breathable ventile fabric in Japan it’s just what you’ve been looking for without really realising.

Ventile is generally speaking the world’s most effective, natural, all-weather cotton textile that is grown sustainably. Developed in the 1940’s by the British Military, Ventile was later favoured by a variety of outdoor companies for the naturally breathable and water repellent properties. 

The Ventile Military Parka from Gold is inspired by 1940’s issued USN Salvage Parkas but features an updated silhouette and construction. Officially coined the ‘Decontamination Smock Parka’ it is more commonly known as Salvage Parka or Gunners Smock. There were numerous styles made during this period and in a number of colours, issued and used for different purposes.

Regardless of its roots, this is a really nice transitional piece to take you from late summer into autumn and beyond.

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