New Veras Braga

The mere mention of Braga puts me in mind of that stadium in Portugal where one end is a big cliff. I love all that type of stuff, me. But as I write this, Portugal is far from my mind. I’m in a coffee place in the centre of cosmopolitan Stockport, I’m wearing shorts, suede trainers and outside the rumble of thunder and flashes of lightning are making me dread the 20 minute cycle home, via the school run.

Enough trivial detail about My Shit Life (TM) though. Cheering me up as I contemplate the clouds are these new Veras. They’re named after the aforementioned Portuguese town which makes sense as they’re made in Portugal too.

Suede shoes aren’t made for rain but the advent of various protective products have ensured teflon style assistance is never far away. And if you’re lucky enough to put these on during the 2 hours of British summer sunshine, even better.

Get them right now from Hip Store, Number Six, ITK Brotherhood, Weekend Offender and

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Mark Smith

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