Veras Shoes AW16

I got absolutely soaked this morning. The first thing I did when I got in the office was whip off my legwear and position them precariously above a heater. They’ll no doubt be burnt to a crisp by this afternoon. I could probably start off a new trend. Barbecue jeans. On my feet were a pair of suede shoes. Strangely (with the help of a liberally application of Jason Markk), they remain intact. Don’t let anyone tell you suede shoes are just a spring/summer thing. They’re liars, every one of them. All you need to do is have a little wander around Manchester’s Northern Quarter (God, I’m starting to dislike that term) and you’ll find legions of lads in suede shoes, from the out of town students trying to fit in, lest they get taxed by a local ne’er-do-well, to the ageing Acid Casualties, for whom suede footwear have always been a staple.

Elsewhere, the gospel of furry leather has definitely spread. This has led to the rise of ace new(ish) brands like Veras, who somehow bring something new to a table already occupied with some amazing shoes. Pound for pound, you’ll really struggle to get as much for your money as these. Perhaps due to production in Spain being closely watched by former Drughi and Rather Not Say founder Neil Morris, the quality is bang on.

Keep a close eye on your favourite shops come late summer and don’t let the rain put you off wearing them. A couple more years of climate change and you’ll be wearing speedos in November anyway.

Have a look here.

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