Veras X Casual Connoisseur Cord Shoes.

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The cord shoes are fast becoming an icon of our favourite Wales X Stockport mash-up merchants Veras and Casual Connoisseur. The cord shoe has always held an almost mythical place in the hearts of concrete cavaliers and these new interpretations will only make the legend and the love grow stronger.

Following on from 2014’s lovingly-limited cord-collab, the V&CC chaps have created a new version of the North Western classic. 2016’s reboot sees the famous Manchester cloth teamed with leather, rawhide laces all bottomed-out with the ever-perfect crepe sole across a four colour range. Available in filthily sexy hues of blue, brown, whiskey and a sandy/beigey/creamy colour, you’ll not be able to choose which are your favourites and will probably have to just buy them all.


Made with cord grown on the famous corduroy pastures of Almeria, they’re a shoe that let out an audible sigh of satisfaction with every step you take (although you’ll struggle to hear them above the admiring sighs of the people you pass in the street when they catch sight of your plates). Looking sexier than Michelle Keegan wearing nothing but earrings made from pickled onion Monster Munch, I doubt I’ll wear anything else on my feet ever again tbh.
Available 7pm Wednesday via and You’ll best be quick and grab a pair(s) before everyone else does and you’re left crying into your keyboard whilst sitting there in cordless feet.

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