Veras x Connoisseur El Capitan Shoe

Suede shoes? In winter? Of course. This is the North of England, albeit with a twist of proper Welshness.

Following on from their collaborative ‘El Mono’ hiking boot, Veras and The Casual Connoisseur have got together to create the ‘El Capitan’ shoe, which takes inspiration from one of their favourite ever shoe models with a premium twist.

Here’s what they say about them. We’ve not edited it because there’s no need.

“This beautiful handmade moccasin is lovingly crafted in premium suede. Featuring two-eyelet reinforced lacing and full leather dual branded insoles with a crepe sole and PVC swing tag. A good all year rounder, coming in three colours with two ever so slightly daring shades – bright Amarillo and Muskat red, complimented by the Whisky brown.”

Limited to just 50 per colour worldwide which if you’re even remotely tuned in, you’ll know these will sell like cakes that are so hot they’re burnt.

Available Monday Dec 16 exclusively from


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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. Jockxford

    New shoes on a table, Friday the 13th, are you insane?

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