Versatility is a Virtue with Gramicci’s Utility range

It feels like Gramicci have been around forever, but they only really began to make an impression in the UK a few short years ago. Since then, their unique take on outdoor clothing has hit hard and played a key role in what has become something of a trend.

The beauty of outdoor clothing is it usually has its roots in utility. Like workwear and sportswear, much of it is designed to work in a specific setting, but that doesn’t rule out the option to wear it in some other way. Gramicci’s Utility range is a good example. You might envisage yourself walking the peaks on a special night hike in this gear, but the truth is you’d appear just as smart throwing on that jacket for one of those early summer night games in League 1. What could be more utilitarian?

Not sure tbh.

See the full range here

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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