Wacko Maria Jean-Michel Basquiat Shirt

Once in a while we like to surprise you. Our home ground may be trainers, shoes, anoraks and maybe t-shirts but once in a while it’s important to play away too. No, not that. It’s a figure of speech. What I mean is wear something great that your mates wouldn’t expect.

If you’re into this concept and willing to part with some considerable cash for something that’s worth it, read on.

Wacko Maria may sound like that lady who goes on the pub and does karaoke to clear the room, but it is in fact a Japanese brand founded by two former J-Leaguers. Wellgosh have naturally got onboard with this and that’s where you’ll find these hawaiian shirts with a difference. Featuring the work of legendary New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, they’re sure to make a statement. We’re seeing this style of shirt everywhere this season and while it may not be our normal fayre, it’s turning our heads. If it’s turning yours too, look no further than Wellgosh, who have this special item in a couple of colours.

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