Weekend Wears – Fjallraven, Montbell and more

Well, last week’s inaugural list went down fairly well. Apart from with Jason on instagram, but he’s entitled to his opinion. Hopefully this week’s future scally vibe is more to his liking. And yours.

Fjallraven at Yards
If you’re feeling blue at the transition from Summer to Autumn, reflect this through headwear. And what a quintessential item of headwear this is. Short peak, ear and neck coverage for when the wind whistles through. This looks like something a Playmobil ticket tout would wear and that’s just one reason you should buy it.
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Montbell at Outsiders
This whole jacket is a contradiction of itself. It provides heavyweight standard warmth while remaining as much of a lightweight as your mate who always goes home early on nights out.
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Heresy at Goodhood
Nice t-shirt by a nice brand in nice colours. In summary, nice.
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Stan Ray at Wellgosh
Stan Ray used to conjure up images of a Working Mens Club. Stan and Ray used to run the place, very cheap beer. Good cribbage team. But the clothing brand Stan Ray has been around for long enough to knock any such connotations into a cocked hat. It’s where militaria meets man on the street and we are very much here for it.
So are Wellgosh

Norse Projects ARKTISK Boots
The future the movies predicted in the 80s is now isn’t it? Drones fly above war zones, we all talk into our wrists and AI is on the verge or battering us all out of existence, apparently. The apocalypse is indeed now. But to cheer you up and allow you to walk towards the end of the world in style, Norse Projects ARKTISK range has some gorgeous footwear, including this mountain boot. If the world doesn’t end, then really, it’s a bonus.
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