Weekend Wears ft. Hikerdelic, Carhartt + Salomon

Forgive the dose of self-indulgence present in this week’s Weekend Wears. We don’t include our own brand Hikerdelic in Proper content much to be fair. Like Ghostbusters, we know it can be dangerous to cross the streams, although in the end that actually worked out ok for them, so that makes no sense. Written it now though so…

Hikerdelic Conway Ripstop Smock in Orange
We’ll commence with said self-celebration. We set Hikerdelic up a few years ago without really meaning to. Now it takes up most of our time and boasts stockists all over the globe. Quite a ride. The mainstay has been this jacket, in various colours and fabrics. Everyone loves a smock.
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Carhartt WIP Nelson Sweat in Botanic
Affordable, reliable and other things not necessarily ending in the letters a, b, l and e. Carhartt allows you to know where you stand, and is always there when you need it.
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Carhartt WIP Single Knee Pant Hamilton Brown
We wouldn’t normally veer this close to the full kit wanker territory but these pants do the trick, so why not make an exception?
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Salomon XT4 OG in White
The footwear brand that has found its voice in fashion this last couple of years, Salomon is very of the moment and it’s hard to avoid. Even the scallies are sporting the Salomon as well as the cool kids.
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