Weekend Wears ft- Human Made, New Balance and Needles

This week we’ve given our wonderful artist carte blache to come up with his own ‘fits. Here’s what Tom Kristopher chose.

Needles Poly Baseball Cap
Boasting embroidered logo perched atop a pretty cute cap, this patterned piece is giving old school vibes.
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Human Made Heart Logo Coach Jacket
Every summer requires a coach jacket. Co-ordinating coach jackets with caps is a nice streetwear way of dressing like a surgeon who has swapped scrubs for sports
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Acne Studios Sports T-Shirt
This summery garment brings with it vintage style connotations while avoiding that strange crusty smell associated with the clothes of dead people. Which is a real positive, as far as we’re concerned.
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Needles Denim Pant
Jeans are back on the rise again. The low rise, lol. Enough of the puns though, these are a good everyday denim trouser with a pretty trendy fit for all you Gen Z dressers.
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Sealson Crossbody Bag
Ideal for those with a tech aesthetic who also appreciate anything banana shaped, no not that!
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New Balance 327
A comfy everyday trainer for summer that is the pinnacle of this subliminal clinical look.
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