Weekend Wears – ft Mephisto, Paul & Shark and more

We’re channeling the summer in a distinctly North West way this week, with an outfit exclusively from Wrexham’s Ragazzi. Imagine that… a mention of Wrexham without those two Hollywood fellas popping up. Crazy. Almost as if it existed before they found it!

Mephisto Rainbow
Some might feel a bit uncomfortable about wearing these with a pair of shorts and socks, but the word uncomfortable does not belong in the same sentence as Mephisto. They look great.
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Paul and Shark Short Sleeve Stripe Polo
There was a time in the early 00s when Italian sailing brand Paul and Shark became ubiquitous in Manchester and across pockets of the North West. Pubs even included the brand on its list of undesirable sartorial choices due to its association with bad lads. While it may have taken a knock for a short time due to this, no brand that has been taken on by ruffians truly suffers in the end. And today it’s as cool as it ever was.
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Paul and Shark Cargo Shorts
The perennial problem that comes with summer is where to keep your non-negotiables, the stuff you need every day. That’s where Cargo Shorts are a Godsend. They’re also another example why Paul and Shark remain reliable.
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Carhartt WIP Chase Socks
Summer sock choices are a challenge. Do you go with just a normal pair of socks, unashamedly plumping for comfort despite some people not liking them? Do you go with a halfway house of trainer socks with the slightly nervous edge peeking out above your trainers but below the ankle? Or do you go with invisible socks and risk that bunching up thing they can sometimes be guilty of? Tell you what, just go with the reliable.
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Belstaff Phoenix Logo Cap
You’ll be needing to control just how strongly the rays from the sun kiss your head and face, which is where a good cap comes in. Belstaff have you, or at least your head, covered.
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Carhartt WIP Elway Shoulder Bag
Once again, the trusty Carhartt WIP comes into view. Their sheer volume of accessibly priced and infinitely wearable items extend beyond clothing and deeply into bags. This is the sort of thing every summer chap needs, whether heading to a festival or just wanting to accessories a bit while drinking in the park like a real toerag.
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