Weekend Wears Ft. Patagonia, Lee, Clarks and more

Yes, that’s right, he’s got a pancake there. Tossing it away to his heart’s content. And no, this isn’t us using some artwork originally meant to be shared a couple of weeks ago. He just likes pancakes, ok? Don’t you like them? You do? Well then. Shut up.

His outfit is classic spring, dogwalker steez, but only for people with those snide little dogs that fit in a bag and look up doughy-eyed when the pavement is a bit cold, going “Carry me, Dad, it’s well cold down here yano”.

Lacoste Polo
One of life’s great mysteries is why the Lacoste tennis shirt has become more popularly known for a different sport. Ralph Lauren makes polos, as do Nestle. Both are mint. Tennis shirts though, are the domain of Rene Lacoste. Nobody does it better.
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Patagonia Torrentshell
A brand as iconic in the outdoors as Lacoste is on the tennis courts (and elsewhere), Patagonia know the score so well, they’ve got an Umpire state of mind. Sorry, it’s been a long week.
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Lee Jeans
Are we ready to embrace denim jeans once again? They’ll come back around, no doubt. And when they do, the likes of Lee will be there, faithfully making nice trousers just as they always have done.
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Clarks Originals Wallabees
It’s very much an outfit of classic, timeless sports/casualwear isn’t it? Wallabees fit the bill for that don’t they?
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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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