Weekend Wears ft Snow Peak, Stone Island and more

Mixed messages from the weathermen and women (weatherthem?) have led us a merry dance this week so we’re not really sure whether to embrace the earliest signs of spring or prep for being snowed in. We’ve hedged our bets and gone with a year-round ensemble this time around, with the prevailing GORP trend still relevant and capable of being twisted here and there. Have a look, you might like it.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses
You don’t need to be a plane driver to don a pair of these, which is fortunate really, as there’s no such thing as a plane driver. Pilot. I meant pilot. Look, it’s been a long week.
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adidas Adventure Overhead Jacket
This puts me in mind of Liverpool’s hip hop hit ‘The Anfield Rap’, which saw John Barnes cut his teeth spitting rhymes way before New Order and Keith Allen got him on World in Motion. Anyway, adidas Adventure have done this smock with a bit of the indie kid about it, in colours synonymous with 1990s adidas.
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Stone Island Cargo Pants in Black
Like a great jacket for your legs. Nothing more needs to be said.
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Salomon XT4 OG trainer
The brand on everyone’s lips, as well as their feet. Today I am wearing a crepe sole and suede combo as I uncomfortably criss-cross the streets of London and these Salomon looks even more appealing than before. Like something a stormtrooper would play squash in. This is a good thing.
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Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall Cup
With the great outdoors still playing a key role in everyone staving off the threat of madness, implements such as this become all the more appealing. Snow Peak lead the way in this regard.
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Snow Peak Amenity Dome Tent
No, I’ve not gone mad. What I’ve done is looked at a nice tent and begun a spell of coveting it so aggressively, I can barely think of anything else. This beautiful creation comes from Snow Peak and in colours so chocolatey, you’re guaranteed a sweet time sleeping in it.
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