Weekend Wears – Gramicci, Mephisto, Druthers and more

We thought we’d change things up even further this week, with the addition of not one but two models. The new addition is of the canine variety and as it turns out, he’s as well turned out as his owner.

We start with some self-indulgence.

Hikerdelic x Druthers
These lovely hats are made with NYC-based Druthers, whose expertise is unrivalled. That’s why we (quite literally wearing our Hikerdelic hat) work with them.
Get it here.

Hikerdelic Calland Puffer
Every wardrobe deserves a significant portion devoted to bright orange outerwear. Yours, too.
Heavyweight Champion of Winter here

Kavu Rope Bag
Following the furry theme of this particular ‘fit, we’ve included one of our favourite bag purchases of the year, in a lovely soft, fuzzy fabric.
Get from Kavu here

Gramicci Cord Pants
You know when you inexplicably find yourself wearing your favourite clothes to do something that might spoilt them, but then you can’t be bothered changing for some perilous but simple DIY job that’ll take 2 minutes? Well, that situation is what these trousers are almost certainly based on.
Get them here.

Mephisto x Oi Polloi Rainbow
Slightly subtle changes take an already perfect shoe and make it perfecter.
Get yours.

Barbour Dog Coat
Everyone has those weedy little miniature dogs now don’t they? Short, sharp teeth, nervous expression, laying walnut whips in urban areas. Manageable aren’t they? Bad at being cold though, hence this suave coat.
Get one here.

United by Blue Dog Accessories
If your pooch poos and you need to tidy it up with panache, why not peruse Parasol and pick up one of these. And while you’re there, pair it up with a smart little bowl. No point having a cool dog if you don’t make it look even cooler?
Both from Parasol.

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