Weekend Wears – New Year Edition

You’re belatedly celebrating seeing in the New Year, fashionable late to the party but effortlessly cool in your best garms. Here’s what you’ve chosen. Or rather in this case, what our own Chris Jones has chosen. When he’s not offering out cups of coffee and good vibes, he’s downstairs working on Left Hand, ST95 and Val Kristopher, for whom he is head of sales.

Here’s his choice for the final Weekend Wears of 2022.

Beams Plus Mountain Parka
It doesn’t actually get better than this, tbh. The perfect shade of forest green, a classic piece of Americana tastefully replicated by Japanese masters at Beams Plus.
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Universal Works Cardigan Wool Fleece
While the chill may have vanished for now, the forecasters reckon it’ll be back with the vengeance soon enough. For that reason, a cool cardy is a necessity, both to stop the wind whistling through between shirt and jacket and also to ensure when you take off said outerwear, you look suitably suave. Universal Works are good at this stuff.
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Portuguese Flannel
Imagine Macaulay Culkin comes out of retirement for one last Home Alone. He’s in Lisbon. He’s wearing this and he’s chonged out of his head.
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Camo New Eclipse Elastic Trousers Wool Navy
Lovely shape to these, and of course that festive overindulgence is easier hidden by an elasticated waist.
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KARHU Fusion 2.0 “Northern Lights” Pack Sodalite Blue Green Moss
Ah, the Northern Lights, that weird natural phenomenon that only Nordic people are cool enough to experience. Thankfully, Finland’s Karhu are more accommodating.
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