Weekend Wears – Osti in Translation – ft ST95

ST95 Hooded Puffer
Boasting all the intricate design detail you’d expect from a brand Osti founded, this hooded puffer also benefits from a modern appreciation for sustainability. The shell, fill and lining are all 100% recycled.
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ST95 Pocket Tee
Garment dyed, in 180gsm cotton, this is the sort of understated statement maker you’ll appreciate this summer.
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ST95 Cargo Trousers
Trousers are so hard to get right, but the relaxed fit on these Cargo pants means they’re bang on for pre and post- carvery waistlines.
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adidas Terrex Free Hiker
Sadly, ST95 aren’t on footwear yet, but if they were they’d probably look something like this.
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Mark Smith

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