Weekend Wears – Pop Trading Perfects the Skateboard Scally

It’s back, our Weekend Wears series, maybe for a short spell, maybe for the long term, who knows. Depends how busy we are.

This exclusively Pop Trading ‘fit is pulled together with a very mid-90s Leisure Centre/Ticket Tout in mind.

FTC & Pop Jacket Orange/Black
One of several 1990s-style outerwear pieces we’ve seen of late, this black and red number comes as part of a joint effort between Pop Trading and longstanding San Fran skate brand FTC.
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Pop & Adidas TRX Vintage Navy/White
More 90s vibes here, albeit via a shoe that debuted in 1978.
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Pop & Adidas Polo SS T-Shirt Navy/Blue
The humble polo shirt will always enjoys special status in that cool crevice between sport and leisure. It may not be fully on trend amongst this outdoor/gorp infused fashion at the moment but that’s all the more reason to wear it. When they go left, you go right, right?
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Pop & Adidas Beckenbauer Track Pant Navy/White
More 90s vibes here, again on a pair of track pants that were around in an earlier form way before that.
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