Weekly Round-up 23.04.2021

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We haven’t done one of these for a couple of weeks, have we? Is that because we haven’t been up to much? Au contraire, we’ve been dead busy. Hence the radio silence. Trouble is, a lot of it’s with stuff we can’t talk about yet (ooooo, you’re so mysterious). Here’s some of the stuff we can tell you about though…


We made our long-awaited return to action a couple of weeks ago. At first we must have looked a bit like someone playing FIFA who doesn’t know the controls. Once we settled into it though, the goals started to flow. Mostly against us, but we go again.

More footie

That European Super League didn’t last long did it? Still, now we’ve discovered how much Sky and the clubs care about fans, I’m sure we can look forward to ticket and subscription prices being slashed any day now, right?

Hot Shots

We were all set up to do a shoot in the studio for Hikerdelic today when someone commented that it was a shame we were indoors on a day like this. Then we realised maybe we didn’t need to be. After a couple of hours in the sun, young Josef now looks like he’s Spanish or something. Joes, eh?

New Mag

We’ve got the small matter of the mag hitting the stands imminently. Which has meant all hands to the pump with the finishing touches this week. You should buy it, it’s mint.

We’re Keen on these

The sun has brought on something of a sandal revolution in the office, with 4 out of 5 of the team rocking up in Keens one day this week. Who was the one loser who didn’t, you ask? It was me, and that’s why I have to write the round-up…

Anyway, see you next week! 

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