Wellgosh Launches into New Season Stüssy

Everyone likes to declare someone or something the King. It’s an accolade that gets thrown around all too often. One thing is for certain though, and it’s that Stüssy really is the king of streetwear. With an entire archive of grails – Shawn Era, for example, and the sought after Stüssy Sport line  – and pieces that make consistent references to music, graffiti, skateboarding and anything that drove California and beyond’s culture, the brand has stayed true to its roots while maintaining an expansive approach that hasn’t sold out. 

Importantly, modern releases are still on top. Simple sweaters, trackpants and t-shirts have never looked and felt so good. The devil is in the details: look at the contrast stitching on this orange sweat; or this similarly contrast stitched jean-sweat hybrid. Top marks all round.

All the items above will release via a raffle on 19th November from Wellgosh.

Stüssy at Wellgosh.

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