Wellgosh Wears Clothes that Make Man Happy

Every week, our good friends Wellgosh send over an outfit for us to check out. This week, on top of the outfit being live, there’s an unmistakable happiness that extends from the model, something that can’t be imitated. In essence: if you wear these clothes, you’ll be almost as chuffed as the guy above. I can’t fault that. 

Our man is wearing an Indigo Bucket Hat from Engineered Garments, with the blue matched perfectly to a Patagonia Torrent Shell 3L Jacket.  The jacket is entirely waterproof with Patagonia’s H2No™ technology, and the hat, while not exactly waterproof, brings mad energy. 

Underneath there’s a Pop Trading hoodie, which, on top of being mad cozy, has loads of subtle details like an adjustable three-panel hood, vent armpits, and solid embroidery. 

On the bottom there’s some trackies from Universal Works. Up until about half a year ago I was a proper ‘if I’m gonna wear trackies they might as well be Nike’ sort of guy; then I bought a pair of Portuguese manufactured trackies from Universal Works and I’ve never looked back. Honestly, the feel is unmatched. To finish the fit there’s the Aape Lace shoes which we did a lil’ spotlight on once upon a time. 

OH – and don’t forget the Yeti.

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