Wellgosh Wears – Technical Must-Haves

The whole GORP trend is probably at its peak right now, and that’s not even a deliberate pun. Is it really a trend in the same way others before it have been though? Isn’t it just good quality outerwear worn by people with a bit of sartorial nous? Put a label on it if you like, but people have been wearing excellent technical clothing to combat the elements for a lot longer than the internet reckons.

Wellgosh know this, of course, but the GORP thing is pretty hot right now. Even our own Hikerdelic isn’t shy of dwelling in that world while it’s a thing. Maybe we’ve even got something GORPy and interesting coming soon.

For now though, get on this shoot Wellgosh have done, featuring some pretty standout stuff from the likes of South2West8, Gramicci, Snow Peak, Orslow, On Running, Osprey, Arc’teyrx and more. It’s a collection of brands that aren’t just for show, yet still look great if you’re in the city as opposed to the peaks.

See it all at Wellgosh now.

Mark Smith

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