What We Learned This Week – 25/11/16

1  Our next issue is nearly completed and will include a very special bonus magazine we’ve done with Saucony to celebrate the forthcoming release of  their amazing Jazz ‘O’s. It’s based on vintage running magazines from 1981 and here’s an outtake from one of the features.


2  Speaking of the mag, we got kicked off a photo shoot today because they thought we were making a porno.

We weren’t btw.

Here’s some photos we took on a phone before we were shepherded away.

imag0405 imag0409

3  I got some amazing Lee Cooper jeans this week that smell just like Ryvita, I don’t know whether to put them on or smother them in cottage cheese. Might do both LOLCANO.

4  How amazing does this Love Witch film look? *rubs legs*

5 We went to see Kenneth McKenzie at his 6876 stronghold on Wednesday and he’s still one of the most clued up and interesting blokes that we know.

6 If you’re doing any Black Friday shopping today please remember to be a decent human being and think of others. turn your phone horizontal before you record any fights.

7  We’re all getting one of these pint holders for our Christmas do.

8 ..and we’ll all be dancing to this.


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