What We Learned This Week – 28/10/16

1. People really, really like cups.

2. If you’re going to arrange a photoshoot at a running track you last visited 15 years ago it might be best to make sure they don’t have fences.

3. If you find yourself needing to access said running track, it’s best to just go and take your pictures and not ask politely. “It’s a building site” he said. “No mate, it’s a perfectly normal running track but with a skip nearby”

4. If you’re planning on a 4 mile bicycle ride, don’t wear your stiff, unwashed, dry denim. It hurts your arse.

5. New tees are being delivered next week. So that’ll be nice won’t it?


6. There’s an icy blast coming soon. We don’t need to mention COATS do we? Good.

7. It’s absolutely fine if you put your t-shirt on back to front and wear it in public without realising for about 4 hours. It’s fine.

8. Scare Tactics is a fun way to gear up for Halloween.

9. Nigel Cabourn has been a fan of our magazine for a long time, apparently. Which is nice.


10. If there’s even half a chance you’ll need your work keys on you, make sure you have them. Otherwise you’ll have a right faff to deal with on a Friday night. Don’t ask.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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