What We Learned This Week – 9/9/16

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1. Watching someone get CPR is never nice. Sorry to start on that note.

2. The chippy closes at 2pm.

3. Dickies really do make some tremendous, wearable essentials. #menswear

4. The new ticket barriers at Manchester Piccadilly will accept invalid tickets. i.e tickets from 2 days previous. #jibber

5. You’re not allowed to take photographs in private property, even if it’s a car park. And even if there’s someone taking pictures of you taking pictures.

6. Dog-bumming is ingrained in the Boltonian psyche. Seriously. (via @glenn_kitson)

7. People seem to like our t-shirts.

hikerdelic tee orange

8. And the Marcus Reed front cover of Proper 20.


9. Our office is a genuine landmark, for some reason. Some kind of heritage tour took loads of pictures of us. Weirdos.

10. The weather is starting to misbehave, so we did a playlist.

11. Doing some more ‘Just Do One’ mugs soon. And some other very exciting ones.

I had pizza for tea.

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