Wholesome at Urban Industry

If I say the words “shapeshifters” and “Eastenders” I imagine you’ll conjure up images of Pat Butcher and David Icke having a beer then a wrestle in the Queen Vic, then turning into lizards or something.

Well, that’s what comes into my head when I think of those words, but then I’ve been eating a lot of Haribo lately.

The shapeshifting Eastenders I’m actually going to talk about used to have a great shop in Shoreditch (hence Eastenders) but since that closed they have been working on a shoe brand which takes the same name – Wholesome.  It’s nice to see people passionate about product being adaptable enough to go from one part of the chain to another.

If you can find me a more roundabout way to talk about winter footwear out there in the blogosphere I’d like to see it.

By the looks of this inaugural collection they have mixed contemporary with classic and come up with a nice little point of difference. Think Timberland Abington meets Red Wing, but down a dark alleyway just off Rivington Street where a man with a pipe is talking about a dead good shoe factory in Portugal.

Nicely priced and available in styles to suit all occasions, you can buy them at Urban Industry now. And that’s exactly what you should do before the Eastenders theme tune become your ear worn for the day.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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