Wild Things for the Big Freeze

Alongside brands like Gramicci and Manastash, Wild Things is one of those brands with distinct American roots that is now benefiting from Japanese ownership.

Using its roots as a technical and tactical clothing brand to bring forward something more contemporary, it remains a pretty permanent fixture on the scene for anyone looking for something that’ll do the job with minimum fuss.

The Wild Things brand was founded in 1981 by Marie Meunier and John Bouchard. FoundedĀ in New Hampshire, an area surrounded by a challenging natural environment and plenty of skilled climbers to test new products, Wild Things pioneered lightweight outdoor apparel designed for peak performance in any terrain.

On our fairly frequent scouts about the web we noticed our chums on the South Coast at Urban Industry had some appealing reductions on their Wild Things gear so with the country about to go daft about the cold weather, we thought we’d share some highlights.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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