Wood Wood – so good they named it twice

Our good friends down at John Anthony have been around for ages. Founded in 1979 to be precise, they’ve been a respectable name on the menswear landscape for almost as long as some of us have been alive, quite a feat.

Making a name for combining desirable brands with a progressive outlook they’re your go to guys for anything sporty with a dash of luxury for good measure. That same aesthetic is one which prevails in the Scandinavian countries so it’s perhaps no surprise to see brands like Wood Wood find a comfy home at John Anthony.

Based in Copenhagen, Wood Wood was founded in 2002 by Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen. Influenced by sports, art, music and various eras of youth culture, Wood Wood balances expression and function, and it best describes as contemporary streetwear combined with a strong sports component. Their hand picked collaborations have helped them grow and just like John Anthony, they’re another perennial name on which we can rely to provide us with nice gear, season in, season out.

See their latest offering here.

See all Wood Wood at John Anthony here

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