Woolrich and Goldwin INC. launch a new product made in Japan

No matter what the forecast tries to tell us, autumn is very much in the air and as such, we’re duty-bound to talk about outerwear.

Japanese brand Goldwin has its finger in a number of pies, one of which is Woolrich, which its a minority stake owner of. Woolrich of course are to the Arctic Parka what Gloverall are to the Duffel coat.

This new release leverages Goldwin’s relationship with Spiber, whose Brewed Protein™ fibers are a next-generation innovative structural protein materials that are regarded as a new solution to numerous pressing
environmental issues and risks.

Under the theme of “Regenerative Circle,” the Future Arctic Parka builds upon the timeless Woolrich
legacy, aiming to contribute to the creation of a more circular society focused on global biodiversity

Heading into the colder months, this new take on an iconic outerwear piece could be just what you’re after.

Take a closer look here

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